Trust Merchantec to conduct your next valuation

Our valuation experts provide you with an independent and thorough analysis of your company’s value using the methodology fit for the purpose of the valuation.

Why perform a Company Valuation?

A company valuation helps our clients understand the true value of a business. Our team has performed a wide array of independent business valuations for private, listed and governmental organisations, providing management, boards and shareholders with professional and accurate guidance. This valuation will assist all parties involved in making the best decisions for the business.

Why Merchantec Capital?

With over 30-years of combined company valuations experience, we can analyse even the most complex business combinations in niche segments in an efficient, professional and timely manner. Our in-depth knowledge across multiple sectors and access to global research allows us to provide detailed and accurate analysis of the key value drivers, risks, and sensitivities of the business.

Leveraging our extensive experience, we have access to a wealth of knowledge gained from proprietary information built in models and analytics over the years. This assists us in using more precise judgement and market research to review and evaluate assumptions regarding a company’s future, the market in which it operates, the competitive landscape and a host of other key assumptions required to arrive at an independent, transparent, and holistic company valuation.

Recent Experience

We perform company valuations for the following reasons, amongst others:

  • Raise additional capital
  • Acquisitions
  • Disposals
  • Shareholder conflicts
  • Legal disputes
  • Estate valuation
  • Share repurchases
  • Shareholder exits
  • B-BEE transactions and corporate restructuring
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