Merchantec Capital supports local up-and-coming artists. 

Our humanity has been shaped by art. Throughout history, art has played an influential role in building and maintaining vibrant and diverse societies.

Art is a form of communication; it allows people from different cultures and different times to communicate with each other via images, sounds and stories. Art is often a vehicle for social change that shifts perceptions and changes in society by creating a new understanding of life and existence.

Merchantec Capital in partnership with the Kalashnikovv Gallery is celebrating unique South African Art that brings together exhibitors from around the SADC region to present, sell and celebrate works. The fair is the epicenter of emerging art in South Africa. It presents a space for the showcasing of established and new talent in an environment that is immersive, accessible and inclusive.

Join us as we celebrate the artists that are shaping South Africa.

ART. – The Next Movement 

The display which will be held at our offices – Gallery in the Sky, will portray a visual survey of indigenous characters, the places they occupy and the spaces they traverse.

Many of the featured artworks are representational in nature a common ground is found in the personalities presented by this cross-section of artists. Each artwork presents a snapshot of the moment where their characters embody the idea of physical motion or stillness. Secondary to the idea of movement, but no less important, are the group of characters that populate the artworks, marking their individual positions in a way that shows how movement and change are always interconnected. To navigate through physical space is to navigate through life, to move is to change and to ask what’s next is the fundamental pretext of our evolution.