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A well thought-out and comprehensive Board Evaluation provides your Board of Directors with an excellent opportunity to enhance performance and to better meet the needs of your company and its stakeholders.


UK Corporate Governance Code


Irish Corporate Governance Annex


King IV Code


Nigerian Code of Corporate Governance

Namibia Corporate Governance Code (NamCo)

Kenya Code of Corporate Governance Practices

An external, formal, and comprehensive Board Evaluation should be conducted at least every 2 to 3 years, according to best practice Corporate Governance Standards.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of international corporate governance experts work collaboratively with you to tailor the evaluation to your specific needs and to assist you in elevating your boards performance.

Our tailored Evaluations include the following sections:

  • Board composition and performance
  • Board strategy and risk management
  • Board meetings
  • Information technology governance & management
  • Board committees
  • Director self and peer evaluation
  • Independence reviews
  • Key individuals (Chair, CEO, FD, Company Secretary)
  • Conflict of interests and capacity of directors
  • Open-ended questions for further insight

Why choose an External Board Evaluation?

Improve the efficiency of Board operations
Invest in your Company’s future
Ensure your board composition is appropriate
Offer assurance to stakeholders
Identify strengths & weaknesses
Independent and impartial evaluation

Premium/Comprehensive Option

  • Initial kick-start meeting
  • Internal document review
  • Tailored questionnaire
  • Director self-evaluation
  • Peer-evaluation of individual members
  • Distribution & collection of questionnaires
  • One-on-one interviews with members
  • Collation, analysis & summarizing results
  • Meeting with executives and/or Board to present findings

Standard Option

  • Internal document review
  • Tailored questionnaire
  • Director self-evaluation
  • Peer-evaluation of executive vs non-executive directors
  • Distribution & collection of questionnaires
  • Collation, analysis & summarising results
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“As Chairman, I appreciated the manner in which the team has dealt with the content of the report as well as the professionalism with which they conducted the evaluation process. It has been an extremely valuable exercise and I am sure that the Board and Committee Evaluation Report will add value to the dynamics of the boardroom and the governance of the company.”

Malcolm RutherfordChairman: Crookes Brothers Limited