Director Development & Training in Africa

We offer Director Development & Training to provide directors in Africa with the necessary knowledge and insights required to fulfil their duties and deliver good governance on the Boards they sit on.

We understand the the importance of continuous development of directors.


  • Directors Duties & Liabilities
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Audit Committee members duties
  • Chairman Training
  • Company Secretary Training
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Board Evaluations in Africa

Offering bespoke Board Evaluation services with track record, skills and experience to successfully facilitate your next board and committee evaluation.

Acorim’s comprehensive Board Evaluation processes focus on:

  • Assessing a board’s balance of skills and expertise
  • Improving board performance by identifying areas which require attention and training
  • Ensuring that matters are being discussed and approved in the most appropriate governance forums
  • Confirming that the board provides adequate support to the company and its executive management
  • Evaluating compliance with the Companies Act, King IV and any other regulations applicable to a company
  • Ensuring that the correct steps are being taken to limit the risks face by directors
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Professional Services

We provide access to a unified framework and our dedicated team ensures the highest quality of service at all times due to our thorough understanding of the various regulatory frameworks.