Exploring the effects of corruption on the South African economy, highlighting the Desire of the powerful for more and the people, for justice. 

We invite you to join us this Mandela Day at the Merchantec & Acorim Convivium, featuring Wayne McCurrie renowned South African market commentator who will discuss the South African economy and the effects of corruption. Building on this theme the Kalashnikovv Gallery have curated the ‘Desire’ art exhibition covering the themes of greed, corruption & desire. 


Market Commentator – Wayne McCurrie

Wayne McCurrie is a well-known market commentator associated with First National Bank (FNB). He is recognised for his expertise in economic analysis and financial markets. As a prominent figure in the investment community, Wayne frequently shares his insights on the South African economy, market trends, and financial strategies.

Desire Art Exhibition – Curated by the Kalashnikovv Gallery

South Africa, rich in culture, community, and resources, also faces issues of imbalance and corruption, much like the rest of the world. The privileged engage in underhanded dealings, fostering insecurity and mistrust. This desperation, fueled by capitalism and globalist ideals, can lead to a relentless pursuit of wealth. Despite this, a resilient community remains optimistic and united in fighting corruption.

This exhibition explores the misuse of power and envisions a nation where the corrupt are held accountable, and the spirit of ubuntu and democracy thrives amidst adversity.

Group Exhibition By:

Johannes Phokela | Nathaniel Sheppard III | Brett Murray | Ayanda Mabulu | Blessing Ngobeni | Michael MacGarry | Vusi Beauchamp | Justice Mukheli

About Merchantec Capital’s Economics & Art Convivium

The Annual Economics and Art Convivium is an evening dedicated to fostering discussions among individuals representing diverse sectors of the South African economy.

Each Convivium is a distinctive event, featuring guest speakers who bring unique perspectives and insights on current matters within the South African economic landscape. It is an immersive experience, serving delicious cuisine and beverages as you explore meticulously curated exhibitions by The Kalashnikovv Gallery, showcasing remarkable works by renowned and emerging artists.

Join us to network with South African business leaders, broaden your outlook and savour an evening of economic insights, cultural experience and culinary delights.