We invite you to join us at the Merchantec & Acorim Convivium, featuring the esteemed guest speaker, GG Alcock, an authority on the expansive informal sector. Prepare to embark on a fascinating exploration of the Kasi Economy, where we will delve into its magnitude, untapped potential, and gain profound insights into the unique workings of thriving businesses across South Africa.

Indulge in an evening of delectable cuisine, refreshing beverages, and immerse yourself in an exhibition of vibrant art inspired by the bustling streets of South Africa.

“To truly uncover the secrets of this vast sector and understand its driving forces, we must actively listen to the whispers that fill the streets, allowing them to transform into a resounding chorus. Get ready for the imminent rise of the KasiNomic Revolution.” – GG Alcock


Economic Guest Speaker – GG Alcock

GG Alcock, who hails from Zulu culture, is also the founder of Minanawe Marketing. He leverages his knowledge of informal markets in marketing solutions for numerous multinational organisations.

Author of “Kasinomic Revolution”, where he explores the revolution taking place in the Kasi Economy, where entrepreneurs generate millions in revenue.

GG has been an advisor to the board of Yebo Fresh a thriving e-commerce business, changing the way township entrepreneurs access goods and services, which has attracted investment from a JSE-listed company.

Art Exhibition – Hawkers Paradise

Admire works of art, inspired by and depicting life in South Africa’s informal economy.

The Hawkers Paradise exhibition presented by the Kalashnikovv Gallery,  includes works from emerging artists such as Isaac Zavale, Lazi Mathebula, Boemo Diale, Kylie Wentzel, and Charity Vilakazi. The exhibition is centered around the idea of tenacious trade, making something out of nothing and finding commercial opportunities in the most unlikely places.

Taste of South Africa

The cuisine in the informal sector is a rich and diverse reflection of the country’s history and the various cultural influences that have shaped it.

Join us in experiencing the conviviality of the atmosphere in these communities. While your tastebuds enjoy dishes inspired by African street food, such as Kota, Magwinya and local beers.

About Merchantec Capital’s Economics & Art Convivium

The Annual Economics and Art Convivium is an evening dedicated to fostering discussions among individuals representing diverse sectors of the South African economy.

Each Convivium is a distinctive event, featuring guest speakers who bring unique perspectives and insights on current matters within the South African economic landscape. It is an immersive experience, serving delicious cuisine and beverages as you explore meticulously curated exhibitions by The Kalashnikovv Gallery, showcasing remarkable works by renowned and emerging artists.

Join us to network with South African business leaders, broaden your outlook and savour an evening of economic insights, cultural experience and culinary delights.